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The Choice of Green Builders

Propane offers the best balance of energy efficiency, comfort and affordability available today. The Propane Professionals® at Sharp are always available to help builders design safe and efficient propane systems for their residential construction projects.

High efficiency propane appliances are an integral part of today’s green home. Heating a home with propane produces significantly less greenhouse gas emissions than heating a home with electricity.

While electric appliances don’t emit carbon dioxide directly at the home, the electricity that powers those appliances is produced primarily from coal-fired power plants. In fact, a high-efficiency propane furnace produces 50% less greenhouse gas emissions than a high efficiency heat pump over its lifetime.*

*Propane Reduces Greenhouse Gas Emissions: A Comparative Analysis, Energetics, Inc. & Propane Education & Research Council, 2009

Efficiency and Comfort When Home Owners Need it Most

During the coldest winter months, the comfort and efficiency of propane appliances is simply unmatched, compared to electric heat pumps. Propane furnaces can deliver a constant, predictable source of heat regardless of how cold it gets outside. Heat pumps, on the other hand, start to get less efficient as the outside temperature drops below 50 degrees.

Below 37 degrees, a typical heat pump must rely on a backup or emergency heating system, usually an inefficient electric resistance heater. In the cold winter months when heat is most important, propane outperforms electric every time.

An Excellent Choice for Cost-Conscious Home Owners

In addition having a better emissions profile, propane appliances are an excellent choice for cost-conscious home owners. The up front cost of a new propane appliance is equivalent to that of a similar electric appliance, especially when currently available rebates are included.

Once installed, high-efficiency propane appliances are less expensive to operate than comparable electric appliances, especially during colder than normal winters.*

The Propane Professionals at Sharp can help you choose the right appliances, and we’ll complete any rebate paperwork available for builders and home owners.

*Comparative Analysis of Residential Heating Systems: 2010 Analysis Update, Newport Partners LLC, prepared for Propane Education and Research Council, June 2010

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