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Safety Check

Your Safety is Always Our First Priority at Sharp

We start all new customers with a thorough 7 point system Safety Check as part of our Complete Care™ service.

Our Propane Professionals provide in-person instruction on propane safety procedures, such as how to detect the odor of propane and how to properly shut off the propane supply tank.

Customers also receive written documentation of the service, a safety information booklet, and a detailed Safety Check Report for your system.

This complete safety service is provided free of charge to all of our Complete Care customers.

7 Point Safety Check

Our 7 Point Safety Check is conducted by a highly trained propane professional and includes a thorough inspection of all components of your propane system. We will also conduct a visual inspection of your appliances and let you know if further inspection by an appliance expert is warranted (an annual inspection of all propane appliances by an appliance expert is recommended for all customers.)

  • Propane tank
  • Piping
  • Regulators and fittings
  • Regulator testing
  • Appliance visual inspection
  • Odor test
  • System leak test

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